Wardrobe Must Haves for College Going Girls

As a college girl, the biggest challenge for you in college is not the term end examinations. But what clothes to buy for your. As a girl, you are interested in looking attractive, sexy, and cool. You want to be the center of attraction, and distraction!


Order Trends are very real and at the same time an illusion. You want to wear a dress for at least two seasons, and not something that goes out of fashion Cheap as soon as it comes in. Your wardrobe should be varied. But it should also have dresses that you can wear for a longer time.

No wardrobe is complete without jeans

Buy a brand of jeans that fits you and makes you look comfortable. Jeans are clothing that you can wear twice in a week. No one would actually notice unless they are closely scrutinizing the brand of jeans you wear.

Skinny jeans are out if you have fat legs. It is OK if you are slightly on the heavier side. As long as you are fit, you are beautiful! Wide leg jeans are suitable for all body-types.


Don’t forget the classics


When in doubt, wear black. Wear black, when you are sure as well! Full black and full whites are great colors on clothes. If you can combine these well, then you’d be looking classically contemporary.

Tank tops

Tank tops are ideal college wear during the summer. Buy a range of tank tops with varying colors. You can wear this as a standalone piece with trousers/frocks, or with a jacket. Buy cotton tank tops. Tank tops tend to be slightly clingy otherwise. Cotton tank tops Order ensure that your bust is projected in an aesthetic way.


If you get a fully cashmere cardigan, and many varieties of it, it could add more variety to your wardrobe. Cultural shocks become a thing of the past, not to mention cheephomeworkhelp.com/ how simple it will be when you go back to your homeland and what before was a long series of complicated procedures now seems to untangle. Cashmere is a good fabric if you don’t have much time to dry clean your clothes. Cardigans look great when you wear them over tank tops. Many known manufacturers have trendy cardigan designs Pills . So you could have a tough time choosing the right one for you.

A bag

A tote bag is an ideal piece of accessory cum storage space for your personal belongings. You can carry a tote bag with a college bag, and it will look as pretty. A good bag often steals the show from your dress. So buy a bunch of to adorn your hand and win people’s admiration.

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